Useful Information

About Childhood Heart Disease

Read an article from the Medical Journal of Australia about the current knowledge on causes and inheritance of congenital heart disease.

The above article was published in August 2012, and you can read the full article on the Medical Journal of Australia website here:  “Congenital Heart Disease: current knowledge about causes and inheritance” .

Download a PDF of the article here:  Clinical Focus_CHD current knowledge about causes and inheritance.

Authors: Gillian M Blue, Edwin P Kirk, Gary F Sholler, Richard P Harvey and David S Winlaw.

Children with Heart Conditions Booklet

This booklet answers some of the most common questions asked by parents of children with heart disease. Download this booklet as a PDF.


About Rheumatic Heart Disease

A detailed Fact Sheet about Rheumatic Heart Disease, including, causes, symptoms and medical response. Information provided by RHD Australia.


Starting School

The forms below may assist you when your child starts school.

Parent School Information Booklet

First Aid Action Plan

Medical History Form