Around 30 years ago, ‘HeartKids’ was born of the passion of a few families who had experienced the kaleidoscope of emotions associated with having a child with congenital heart disease.

In the ensuing years HeartKids offices were established in the various states in Australia, with management and a team of Family Support Coordinators able to support families, all backed by a board and a group of committed volunteers.

In 2004 sixteen delegates at the annual conference unanimously supported the proposal that an alliance of state associations be created to form an Australian HeartKids group, and that its name be ‘HeartKids Australia’ (HKA).

An Interim Board was established to support and guide the working party, and oversee HeartKids Australia’s progress.

The journey into 2006 saw HeartKids Australia adopt a constitution, become incorporated, develop its corporate identity, raise funds for research and form alliances with a range of related organisations, sponsors and supporters.

Development over Time

In June 2007 the appointment of the new full-time Chief Executive Officer was confirmed and the National Office of HeartKids Australia began operating.

In August 2007 a part-time Chief Financial Officer was appointed. This person is contracted to fulfill both HeartKids Australia and HeartKids State organisations work.

At the July 2007 National Conference, we confirmed our vision, mission and core focus areas.

At the National Conference it was agreed that the organisation should review its governance structure to allow for a mix of representational and skill-based directors.

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