HeartKids Awareness Month

Open Your Heart for HeartKids

Make a note in your calendars for HeartKids Awareness Month this February, when Australians will be encouraged to support Australia’s little battlers – those struggling with Childhood Heart Disease (CHD). The month of February brings Valentine’s Day, so why not celebrate by helping a heart in need? Here are some ways to get involved and support HeartKids this February 2012.


Capture a Heart on Facebook

When you see a heart in your everyday life, take a photo of it and enter the image via the HeartKids Facebook page to be in the running to win some fantastic prizes. ‘Your heart’ can be anything found in nature, in your city, town, home, business, school or something you created. The public will vote on the best ‘hearts’ and the top entries will be shortlisted. The winner will be selected from the shortlist by a panel of judges, including internationally renowned photographer, Ken Duncan. The ‘Capture a Heart’ competition goes live on the HeartKids Australia Facebook page from the 24th January 2012 with the winner announced at the end of February. To get involved in the competition, make sure you are a fan of the Heart Kids Australia facebook page (www.facebook.com/HeartKidsAustralia) to ensure you receive future updates about the competition.


Wall of Hearts

During the month of February, customers can dedicate a heart at participating Retail Food Group outlets, such as Donut King, Brumby’s and Michele’s Patisserie. Write a message of love and support to those suffering with CHD and stick it on the ‘Wall of Hearts.’ A collection of these heart messages will be sent to CHD sufferers in hospitals Australia-wide. Participating outlets will also promote HeartKids Combo’s throughout the month of February: Michele’s Patisserie will offer a heart-shaped lamington and coffee; Donut King will offer heart-shaped donuts, while Brumby’s will offer special Gingerbread Men. A percentage of all sales from these combos will be donated to HeartKids.


Golden Heart Campaign

Or simply give the gift of a healthy heart this Valentine’s Day by visiting the HeartKids website to make a donation. www.heartkids.org.au

CEO of HeartKids Australia, Alan Bowden, said: “We need to generate as much awareness as possible for Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) as it is still off the radar for much of the population, even though it’s the biggest killer of children under the age of one. Most people will remember “Hole in the Heart” and “Blue Babies” but not many would realise that 6 children are born with congenital heart defect every day.”

“In addition, many people are disenchanted by the commercialisation of Valentine’s Day. At HeartKids, we want to encourage people to make a donation and give a gift that’s not only a special but makes a difference to people’s lives as well,” he said.

HeartKids Australia is a not for profit organisation that offers support to children and their families who are suffering with CHD. Each year approximately 2,000 children are born in Australia with a heart defect, and every week, more than four children die from CHD. There is no cure for congenital heart disease and little is known about the disease and its causes.

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