The Heart of Social Media



The power of social media to connect those who need each other most during life’s most challenging times is extraordinary! HeartKids relies on social media to communicate, connect and care. At the heart of our amazing online community is tens of thousands of individuals who are affected by childhood heart disease.

HeartKids recently made the exciting move to become ONE charity nationally and a big part of that move is to combine all of our online communities too. A united voice is a stronger voice! As an organisation committed to providing the best possible support to heart kids and their families for life, we hope to reach more families this way.

It has taken almost two years of researching, planning and coordinating to create ONE HeartKids! The process is very carefully mapped out and the work behind the scenes is complex as you can imagine. It is our hope that by unifying our online communities we are bringing everyone affected by CHD more closely together, to support each other as well as be supported by HeartKids.

The warmth, connection and care that is at the heart of our social media is quite incredible. It is the community coming together and lifting each other up that creates this magic.

Did you know that you can connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Below are the links to our amazing social media communities, please make yourself at home there:




These are some of the things people are saying in our social media communities:

“Thank you HeartKids, you create miracles.” (Peta)

“Thank you HeartKids for all you do for the heart kids and heart families, a wonderful community.” (Renee)

“Remember you are not alone and you will have an amazing support network through HeartKids, they will be your saviour.”

“I would like to say a big thank you, for the information given and the knowledge that if I needed help or advice it was only a phone call away.” (Elizabeth)



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