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Christmas Appeal 2021

Give those in hospital over this festive season a reason to smile.

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Your support is helping families like these navigate their journey especially those in hospital over Christmas.

This Christmas, around 200 babies and young children will be in the hospital battling serious heart conditions. By making a donation it allows HeartKids to be there to support them during this time and provides a Christmas Hamper to bring a smile to their family's faces over the festive season. 

See how far some of our Christmas Heart Kids have come through your generous donations. 

Left to right: Teliah, Kaiden and Florence

With your donation, you can gift a virtual Christmas Tree Heart Ornament to a loved one or dedicate it to a heart kid you knowSimply click on the amount you would like to donate which corresponds to a coloured heart, write your message and then click on the heart and drag it onto the virtual tree.

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Take a read to see where these Christmas Heart Kids Scarlett, Florence, Teliah, Kaiden and Michael are today. 

Despite all the odds, the hurdles they had to jump through, multiple procedures and open-heart surgeries, and months and months in hospital, these miracles are kicking goals in life. Not long ago, these parents did not know if their babies were going to make it through childbirth, let alone to their first Christmas.

"I can't believe my little girl has just turned 4. It has been a rollercoaster ride but Scarlett is now doing really well with just regular check-ups. She is always smiling and a happy child. HeartKids has been and continues to be there for our family throughout our journey. Checking in on us to make sure we are doing okay. I love trying to give back where I can so other families can also benefit from their amazing support. I now see them as part of our family" - Mum Lisa.

"Florence is now a vivacious, feisty and adrenaline-seeking two-year-old who does not let her heart condition get in her way. She has become a big sister recently and is a huge Wiggles fan, constantly dressing up, singing and dancing to their songs. She has come so far in the last 12 months. She has caught up on many of her milestones such as walking and talking. Even though Florence appears to be like an Energizer Bunny, she does become worn out and out-of-breath very quickly. Her own self-regulating and understanding her limitations is something she is starting to learn. We have been very fortunate that the in last 12 months Florence has not had any surgeries or hospital admissions. We are forever grateful for HeartKids support and the other families they have introduced to us along the way who have now become a part of our own family." - Mum Roslyn.

"Teliah has just turned 2 and is thriving. Most people wouldn’t realised the challenges she has faced as she is so full of joy, very social, active, adventurous, cheeky and constantly chatting or singing. Teliah has met or exceeded every developmental milestone. She continues to amaze us. She is highly active despite the fact her oxygen saturation levels are only between 75 & 85%. Teliah has not been admitted to the hospital at all in the past year which is amazing after being hospitalised 4 times in 2020. We have been blessed to have wonderful support from HeartKids throughout our journey. The WA HeartKids team have become family." - Mum Kirsten.

"In the last 12 months, Kaiden has made great progress in his development both physically and cognitively. He has still got issues that need resolving such as his valves that keep collapsing and energy levels, but he is such a happy young boy. HeartKids have played a significant role in our lives. There are here for us every step of the way, every appointment, and every tear. They support us mentally, physically, and emotionally. We couldn’t do this journey without them. I love how we are important to them. Even if we are not in the hospital, I get phone calls to check on us and see how Kaiden is going. I see them as family." - Mum Christina.

"Michael is a proud heart kid. He now knows the whole story of what happened to him as a baby & he constantly wants to rehear it! He wasn’t even afraid to see the photos. The funny thing is he now uses it as a tactic not to get hurt by his brother! He puts his hand out and says ‘STOP! Not my chest I’m a heart baby remember!!’ HeartKids have supported our family from the moment we reached Westmead Children's Hospital. The love and support that was given without question will stay with us forever. The work they do to support families throughout life is incredible." - Mum Jessica.

1 in 100 babies are born with CHD and sadly 4 young lives are lost each week to congenital or acquired heart disease. You can help us support them not only during this holiday season but throughout their journey so they can be the best they can be.

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