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HeartKids offers services free of charge to those impacted by congenital heart disease and their families.  HeartKids is not government funded and is 95% reliant on community and corporate donations and sponsorship to deliver our programs. 

From 1st November 2016 (the date all HeartKids organisations merged), it is no longer necessary to become a ‘Member' of HeartKids Limited in order to receive our support or participate in programs, events or services.

All families who use our services in either hospital or community settings will be asked to complete a form requesting information about you, your child and your family.  This information and its use is strictly controlled by HeartKids Privacy Policy and staff and volunteer use of information is governed via this Privacy Policy, HeartKids’ Code of Conduct and HeartKids Confidentiality Policy.

You may wish to become an ‘Associate Member' if you would like to participate in the election of State / Territory representatives to be appointed to the HeartKids Board of Directors.  Each of the HeartKids five divisions may elect a person to represent that division.  This person is then considered for appointment to the HeartKids Board via an Independent Nominations Committee.  Details on this process can be found in HeartKids Limited’s Constitution. 

Please note there is no membership fee to join HeartKids, but in the very unlikely event that our organisation winds up, each current member may be required to contribute $10.00.

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