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Heart Angels

For over 35 years HeartKids has been working with families who have experienced the loss of a child or young person. ‘Heart Angels’ are children or young people that sadly die from congenital heart disease and or associated conditions. Each week four children or young people pass away and it is important you know that there is a large community of caring parents and grandparents willing to support you.

HeartKids is a community of caring individuals comprising professional staff and Heart Angel families with lived experience. Many bereaved parents and siblings speak of the sadness and loneliness after losing their child.

Our commitment is to provide you and your family members with the support  when it is necessary and when you request it. If we are unable to assist you we will refer you to supportive organisations and or specialists.

We recognise that every Heart Angel family will walk through their grief and loss journey on a differing and unique path. HeartKids will act as a guide in the days, months and years following the loss of your child.

All children and young people who are born with or acquire congenital/childhood heart disease are celebrated by HeartKids including those that sadly lose their life – our message is simple, you do not need to travel this road alone and you are a special member of the HeartKids community.

Specific resources and information for Heart Angel families can be found via the menu on the left. Or call our HeartKids Helpline on 1800 432 785 to speak to someone to point you in the right direction.