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Meet The People We Help

Whether you are a child, teenager or adult with congenital heart disease, or a family member or carer, we are here to support you on your entire life journey.

With 8 babies born every day with congenital heart disease, and with some cases being discovered in adulthood – the majority of Australians would know someone impacted. Even if they don’t realise it.

Meet just some of the strong and inspiring people that have HeartKids by their side, by reading their stories below.



    Finn's Story

    After a normal pregnancy and 6 and 12 week scans we found out at our 19 week morphology scan that something was wrong with our baby’s heart. We then waited a week and a half to see a specialist at Westmead Children’s Hospital. This was the first ...

  • Bec and Audrey Thumbnail

    Bec & Audrey's Story

    Meet mother and daughter, Bec & Audrey both with CHD. There CHD conditions are not identical however both involve the pulmonary veins.

  • Penny-01

    Penny's Story

    When Penelope was born her mother felt all the usual feelings but with a side serve of surprise. As Penny was pronounced in full health which was surprising because her mother couldn’t shake a niggling feeling that something wasn’t right.

  • Hannah's Story 1

    Hannah's Story

    Hannah was diagnosed at age 4 when she went to the GP for an ear infection...

  • Maisy Thumbnail

    Maisy's Story

    Maisy was only diagnosed at just 4 weeks old during COVID-19

  • Ivie Thumbnail

    Ivie's Story

    Ivie Mae Belbin was born 1st October 2019. She has pulmonary Artesia with a bilateral SVC, VSD and right aortic arch., this is her story so far.

  • RILEY ILoad490___Thumb2

    Elana's Story

    At 24 weeks gestation our baby girl was diagnosed with Congenital heart disease and on the 28th of September 2016 Elana Grace was delivered via caesarean weighing 2.9kg. We knew she had a fight ahead of her but didn't expect how great. She was rushed ...

  • BENJ

    Benjamin's Story

    Meet Benjamin, who has 3 CHD’s- transposition of the greater arteries, a ventricular septal defect & an extra vein (vena cava). During the Families struggles one of the social workers told them that “caring is an incredible strength too” Benjamin's m ...

  • Adrian copy

    Adrian's Story

    Adrian is a heart kid whose family was told not to get too attached to him because he was not going to pull through. Thankfully their 'guardian angel cardiologist Dr Carrasco' told them to "forget about that nonsense!"

  • Tania Thumbnail 2

    Tania's Story

    Tania's first 6 months included having 3 heart surgeries, suffered a stroke and needed a permanent pacemaker. And now she now gives back to HeartKids.

  • Samuel Thumbnail

    Samuel's Story

    Samuel was diagnosed at 11 months old, with all the tests and operations he was had. He still continues to ensure that CHD never stopped him from reaching his goals.

  • ZAV ILoad490___Thumb

    Zaviyar's Story

    Zav is 6 years old and has Renpenning Syndrome which is a rare genetic condition. Along with many complex health issues, we are ever so proud to call him our amazing heart kid! After a complicated yet straightforward birth, we felt something was not ...

  • PHOEBE ILoad490___Thumb5

    Phoebe's Story

    Born with TGA & VDS I was diagnosed at 24hrs old after I was flown to the Royal Children’s Hospital from my rural hospital. On Christmas day 1997, my cardiologist performed a Balloon Septostomy due to my heart stopping. On February 14th 1998 I underw ...

  • ALANA ILoad490___Thumb3

    Ashlee's Story

    I was diagnosed with a hole in the heart and pulmonary stenosis when I was just a tiny baby; after the Doctor picked up a heart murmur whilst investigating why I had blue lips and low weight gain. My parents said all I did as a baby was feed (very li ...

  • HOLLY ILoad490___Thumb4 2

    Holly's Story

    Holly Saunders was born on Australia Day in 2003 at Randwick. We travelled a long way from home for her arrival as she had a special heart and needed to be close to specialist medical teams that could provide her with the best help should it be requi ...

  • Riley Brown now 1.jpg

    Riley's Story

    Our pregnancy with Riley was a blessing following the unexpected loss of our oldest son Daniel to CHD at the age of 7. At our 20 week scan, Riley was diagnosed with Double Outlet, Hypoplastic Right Ventricle, Ventricular Septal Defect, (VSD), Pulm ...