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Adrian's Story

Written by Sylvia Calzado about Heart Kid Adrian Guillo Calzado

Adrian Guillo Calzado was born overseas on one September afternoon. He came into this world quietly and with no struggle, little did we know the struggle & roller coaster had just begun. A mother's intuition told me I had been right throughout the 9 months of pregnancy when I kept saying there was just something not right. After numerous changes of hospitals, being told he had every heart condition you could imagine, we were told (on my birthday) that he would be transferred to the General Hospital 200kms away from our house & to not get too attached to him because he was not going to pull through. We spent almost 1 week not knowing what condition he had until our guardian angel cardiologist Dr Carrasco, finally told us to forget all the nonsense the other hospitals had told us, as Adrian had Transposition of the Great Arteries and if all went well - 10 days after the surgery, he would be happily home with us. He was spot on.

It's been a long struggle through 2 open heart surgeries & one procedure in between, but at almost 16 years of age, he is defeating the odds & living his dream in European football, music & science. He can now dream of a future and nothing is too grand! 

Live your dreams baby boy & never let anyone tell you otherwise. That scar on your chest represents how far you have come - shoot for the moon always with a happy smile & proud of yourself.
We love you!
Thank you for showing us the real value of life!
Love Mama bear xxooxx
- Sylvia Calzado