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Bec & Audrey's Story

I’m in the unique situation of being a heart patient as well as a heart parent. My daughter and I both have CHD. I was lucky enough to have three children despite my CHD, although I was closely monitored & 2 out of my 3 children were born prematurely. My youngest child, my daughter Audrey (8 years) has CHD. Our conditions are not identical however both involve the pulmonary veins. I was born with total anomalous pulmonary venous return & my daughter was born with partial (one vein only) anomalous venous return plus Wolff Parkinson white syndrome. 

I had corrective surgery as an infant and had a relatively normal childhood. I developed atrial fibrillation during my second pregnancy and again during my 3rd, which settled after my babies were born. In 2015, I developed a severe case of the flu which turned into a septic pneumonia & subsequently saw the return of my atrial fibrillation. I’ve had three ablation procedures and I’m currently medication free although still have an arrhythmia.

My daughter’s Wolff Parkinson white syndrome was controlled with medication until she was big enough to have an electrical ablation at 5 years old. During that time we had many ambulance rides & scary visits to the ER whenever she had a breakthrough episode of SVT. Her body didn’t tolerate the fast heart rate well. It was during her ablation procedure that doctors confirmed that my daughter also had PAPVR- although it had always been suspected. She was scheduled for heart surgery & was operated on again 6 months later during her first term of kindergarten. 

It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride but we’re so proud of our daughter’s courageous spirit & strength. Grateful to all the amazing doctors & nurses at the Heart Centre as well as HeartKids for their support. A special mention goes to our sons - they’ve had to witness some frightening times with their baby sister and mother both being CHD patients. They’ve faced it all with such love & bravery. They are wise beyond their years.