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Ivie's Story

Ivie Mae Belbin was born 1st October 2019. She has pulmonary Artesia with a bilateral SVC, VSD and a right aortic arch. She had a failed cardiac catheter at 3 days old due to her PDA being too big and had OHS to place a shunt at 5 days old. She had serious complication post surgery that saw us nearly lose her 4 hours post op. She was discharged 5 weeks later and recently had her full repair at 7 months old in April. She is now thriving and the happiest little girl you will ever meet. She will require further surgeries as she gets older as she will outgrow her conduit. So proud of what she has overcome - she is our warrior.


Thank you for all that you do at HeartKids you guys are truly amazing 💙❤️💙❤️ - Mum Claire