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Phoebe's Story

Phoebe, Heart Kid

Born with TGA & VDS I was diagnosed at 24hrs old after I was flown to the Royal Children’s Hospital from my rural hospital. On Christmas day 1997, my cardiologist performed a Balloon Septostomy due to my heart stopping. On February 14th 1998 I underwent open heart surgery- the Arterial Switch operation. Since then I haven’t required any further heart surgeries, but have required a number of further testing such as radioactive testing and appointments with my cardiologist annually.

This was hard on my family as being from a country town, numerous days annually were dedicated to trips to the hospital where they watched myself being poked & prodded by numerous hospital departments. 

I received a number of merit awards during my high schooling & participated in my schools ‘Human Powered Vehicle’ team in 2013.  I played a number of sports in my childhood, most prominent as basketball for 6 years.  I’ve had a job since I turned 15 and completed VCE successfully despite undergoing reconstructive jaw surgery in year 12. In 2015 I became a-part of the Heartkids youth advisory committee. I attended Heartkids National Teen camp in 2014 & 2015, which was a phenomenal experience, creating lifelong friendships with heartkids all over Australia.

I am currently a first year of university studying Criminal Justice and loving university life however I’m not certain on my future career path. This year I had my first heart appointment in an adult hospital and my heart is ‘heartkid’ healthy. I had a rough patch at the start of this year where when I moved to uni I became quite sick, being sick 11 out of the first 16 weeks there.  Being a heartkid you will always get sicker easier than others and makes life a little tougher, but I guess that is what makes our achievements all the more special.