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Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance
Helping you on your congenital heart disease journey.

HeartKids understands that congenital/childhood heart disease significantly impacts patients and their families especially when your baby, child or teen is hospitalised and you and your family need to travel intra and interstate for surgery. The death of a Heart Angel is heart breaking for families.

We understand that lives can be turned upside down as parents care for their babies and children whilst juggling siblings, work and running your household. One or more parents may be forced to use up their leave or give up work. For some with the help of family and friends many navigate their journey however we acknowledge childhood heart disease causes significant emotional, physical, financial anguish and worry.

Whilst some families seek to set up a Go Fund Me page to fund their journey.

Create a Go Fund Me page to help fund your journey.

HeartKids is also here to help! Thanks to our donors and corporate partners HeartKids offers a Financial Assistance Program for families and or care givers of children and young people diagnosed with and undergoing treatment for congenital/childhood heart disease.

HeartKids Support Managers and staff can advocate on your behalf and work with hospital staff to write to employers and others explaining your circumstances.

To be eligible for financial assistance you or your family must:

  • Be a parent or care of an infant, child or young people (up to 18 years) with a diagnosis of congenital or acquired heart disease;
  • Undergoing active treatment, post treatment or in palliative care;
  • Be experiencing financial hardship whereby all forms of government assistance has been exhausted
  • Need to travel inter state or intra state (over 250kms) or are hospitalised for period of seven days or greater

Sadly, four infants, children and young people pass away each week from congenital / childhood heart disease. Our Heart Angels are precious and HeartKids acknowledges the distress and anguish caused by the death of a child to entire families. To support families at this difficult time HeartKids provides:

  • Financial assistance towards the cost of your Heart Angel’s funeral
  • Financial assistance for grief and loss counselling to support parents and or siblings
  • In memorial jewellery to remember your child

Should you have any questions please discuss your needs in confidence with your local HeartKids Support Manager or email office@heartkids.org.au to find out more.

Financial Assistance Application Form

If you meet the criteria above and are seeking financial assistance, please download the application form below.

Download Application Form