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access-933130_1920HeartKids invites you to read about our proposal to integrate all HeartKids organisations into one stronger HeartKids, to provide greater support for more families as well as fund even more life-changing medical research.

Please note that we have already received a few particular questions pertaining to:

  1. Benefits of becoming ‘National’
  2. button(4)Voting rights and how members will have a ‘voice’ in the new one HeartKids
  3. How funds raised will be spent across the States & Regions
  4. Impact on the support HeartKids currently provides to heart familiesbutton(3)

A brief snippet answering the above questions can be found below, however it is recommended to read our Full Questions and Answers section for more details.button(5)

What are the benefits of becoming national?

The whole purpose is to ensure that HeartKids (both nationally and at State level) can grow and expand its services. At present, neither HKA nor any of the States are reaching their targeted growth levels (in terms of income and therefore service delivery). Additionally, the charitable dollar is harder to secure with the market contracting and, as such, it is crucial that we are as efficient and effective as we can be. We also know we need to grow to address the increasing unmet needs of the growing number of families and kids impacted by CHD.

All State Boards and HKA have participated in an extensive investigation into how we ensure we are operating under the best and most effective operating model to deliver more services to more families. This work has confirmed that the current Federation model has served its purpose however it is no longer suitable to take the organisation forward. The Federation model is restricting growth nationally and at State level, it confuses members and other stakeholders and encourages silo behaviours, and we are essentially ‘competing with each other’ in attracting the charitable dollar. We are stronger together than as individual entities.

Therefore all our Boards have unanimously approved to form One HeartKids and work nationally with one Board governing our organisation because all HeartKids Boards genuinely believe this will provide the best support for heart kids, families & the CHD community.

How will members have a ‘voice’ in the new One HeartKids?

The Working Group has recommended that the new HeartKids entity has a board of up to 12 directors (including the Independent Chair). Importantly, 5 of those 12 Directors will be appointed by way of a state nominations process.

You may join the company as a member (ie an Associate Member) with the right to elect your representative director. Membership also enables you to continue to enjoy all of the benefits (but more) that you currently have as a member of your HeartKids State organisation.

The new Board will have a Nominations Committee (initially this includes State-Appointed Working Group Directors) that reviews these nominations and makes a decision on the most suitable skills including the knowledge of local HeartKids and their families’ needs.

There will also be a Support Advisory Committee which some of our current members will also be involved with, to ensure members have a solid voice to the board, provide a view on Support and this will help shape the State based and national priorities.

Members will be involved with the Support Advisory Committee and with Board selection.

Will the money raised in my state/region be spent on support services  in my state/region?

Currently, the services provided locally by ALL states and regions are partially funded by funds raised nationally, NO State or region funds all support for members through funds raised locally. Some facts on national funding provided for local services:

  • A minimum of $1.1M in 2016/17 will be provided from national sources to fund support and research for ALL states and regions, including yours.
  • In addition, a minimum of $350K will be spent from national sources to support income generation in all states and regions, including yours.
  • Funding has already been secured through national relationships with corporates and philanthropic trusts of over $4M to benefit all CHD families across Australia in the next 5 years – this will only increase with a unified voice.

Regarding current funds raised locally, some facts that you may be unaware of:

  • All funds raised in all states and regions help fund members support services AS WELL AS funding the administration and fundraising activities locally.
  • The cost of these fundraising and admin activities will be streamlined and reduced significantly under One HeartKids, such that a far greater % of funds raised in the states and regions (as well as nationally) will flow through to supporting members

Going forwards, all funds raised nationally and at state and regional level will be allocated to providing the support services and research to all our members in all states and regions. The One HeartKids commitment is that support services will increase, and we estimate this to be by approximately $540K in year 1. These support services, as well as significant research funding will be funded by savings in governance and administration and by funds raised nationally.

Therefore your state/region will continue to receive all the support services currently funded by your HeartKids State organisation and HKA, and these services will increase, being funded by funds raised by your state/region, as well as other sources where necessary. Essentially, the arrangements that your state/region currently has in place will continue but with more support and research.

What is the impact on the support services that members currently receive?

The members of HeartKids in each State will continue to receive all support and services they currently have access to, however under One HeartKids these will be further expanded. Our members will continue to see the same Family Support Coordinators and continue to be part of their local CHD community group.

In addition, in the first year of the One HeartKids, nationally, there will be an increased spend on support services of approximately $540K delivering:

  • National Teen Camp delivered from 2017
  • In addition to National Teen Camp, we will provide a minimum of 1 metro and 1 regional camp/State
  • Every State & Territory will have a paid Regional Officer for a minimum of 2 days/week
  • Care Bags will be offered nationally to all families in hospital
  • National Bereavement Program
  • National Counselling Program to be offered across all States & Territories
  • Minimum funding commitment on Research of $2M in the first 3 years
  • OneHeartKids will allow us to leverage recently awarded funding to commit to a sustainable research investment of a minimum $4M over the next 5 years.

In addition, all current member services will continue and be increased with immediate effect upon integration.

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