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Jackie Sales is one of our NSW Regional Support Coordinators, who recently completed a  Northern NSW Road Trip. Jackie visited Tamworth, Armidale, Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie and was warmly welcomed by the community.

A highlight of the road trip for HeartKids and the community was being able to hand out over 50 of our HeartKids Care Bags for those in hospital in the area. Jackie was welcomed into the hospitals and met with key nurses, paediatricians, social workers and clinicians who were all very excited about the support available to families. All were keen to discuss how HeartKids can become more involved in their area.

The biggest issue identified by health professionals was the isolation some families experience when returning home from major hospitals. HeartKids can be a great support in this area.

Jackie also met with a family in Tamworth that has been involved with HeartKids for a long time and now has an adult heart kid. The family reflected on the need for a community based service to provide support for new heart kid families.

Jackie has been asked to attend various cardiac clinics and while in Coffs Harbour Jackie met with social workers and nurses in the special care nursery. The hospital is not set up for cardiac treatment and patients need to be transferred to Port Macquarie.

While in Port Macquarie, NICU staff were very excited to have a service provider supporting families during their time of need with our Care Bags of essential items. All of the patients that need to be transferred at short notice will benefit greatly from these items.

Overall the response to Jackie's regional road trip was fantastic. Regional families can often be left without support when they return home from the major hospitals, and this is a gap that HeartKids can fill and make a real difference to these families. By attending clinics we will be able to meet a lot more families and connect them with the wonderful support provided by HeartKids in the community.