Evelyn's Super Hero



Evelyn only began her heart journey at the end of April 2017, she started losing weight and fluid was accumulating in her stomach.

We took her to a GP who ordered an ultrasound and we were quickly admitted to WCH where after 2 weeks of tests we discovered Evelyn had a rare condition called constrictive pericarditis, which is hardening of the fluid sac that surrounds the heart.

Her heart was unable to pump properly resulting in heart failure.

This was all a lot for our family to comprehend as she had no early symptoms.

We were flown to Melbourne where we spent another 2 weeks.

Dr Johann Brink was Evelyn's surgeon (our hero) and he removed her pericardium which he said was not an easy task.

The wait while she was under was excruciating, it took almost 8 hours until we were able to see her again.

Her surgery was a success and her recovery was pretty much normal.

We now see Adelaide cardiologists yearly, unless there is a need to see them before hand.

They say she is completely repaired but we always wonder what happens without a pericardium to protect your heart?

But Evelyn is going strong, she has gained 15kg since surgery which is amazing. She suffers from a bit of scar and bone pain but mainly in the cold weather and when she does too much.

At the time we received a lot of support from HeartKids,  in the way of someone to talk to and help us through everything and explain it all to us. We are from a small country town so it was a massive shock to us, nothing like that happens here. They were so great with Evelyn, like any 9 year old she loves getting gifts and they certainly spoilt her with gifts. It was just good to have support in a difficult time in our lives.

This year on Super Boss Day Evelyn she will be dressing up as her surgeon Dr Johann Brink. He is hers and our hero, and  I bet a lot of others too!

Without these amazing dedicated surgeons our kids wouldn’t be with us and that makes them real life superheroes.

Be a Hero for HeartKids this Super Boss Day and help us support more families like Evelyn's: www.superbossday.org.au