Introducing Mark Brooke - HeartKids CEO

Mark has been with us for 4 weeks and has been busy getting to know the national HeartKids team. Mark has spent 30 years leading non-government organisations including children and young people’s charities and health and research charities.

Mark has specialised in mergers and integration of charities and we are very excited for him to work closely with our new board to lead the new integrated HeartKids into the forefront of our field. We put the following questions to Mark:

How would you describe yourself…?

As sounding more like my father every day!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Surf and garden in that order….

What drew you to HeartKids?

HeartKids has a long history of service in the community, yet most Australians are unaware of our work.  The opportunity to lead the organisation going forward, post-merger, whilst celebrating past success was very attractive to me.

What are you most interested in with your role – what do you love?

I love learning about childhood heart disease and its impact on families and people over their life course.  I love seeing how much our family support program means to people.

What would you like to achieve in your role?

I want to harness the energy of past success and increase the scope and reach of services so more families benefit from our work.

What do you see as the biggest challenge in your role?

I think having sufficient funding to grow the reach and impact of HeartKids’ services and research agenda.

What are you looking forward to the most with the integrated HeartKids?

I am looking forward to leading the national team so that they can reach their potential, and instilling a belief and vision that we are no longer individual states and territories, but are here for all Australians.

Do you have a message for the families in our community?

With more adults with CHD than children, HeartKids is your lifelong partner, and as such we aim to deliver accessible and appropriate services to you.

As a team, we are really excited to have Mark on board and are looking forward to the next step for HeartKids.

We welcome Mark to our community and wish him success in achieving the goals and vision we have for our organisation.