New Blogger Nathan - Where it all began


Nathan shares their daughter Iylah's start to her journey with CHD and how it has inspired them to give back to the community... 

It was March 18th, 2017, our precious daughter was born into this world. Our last child of four other children, she was a miracle. Iylah was delivered naturally with no complications. Little did we know in just a short week we would start seeing our precious newborn baby suffer heart complications.

After Iylah’s birth the doctors or more precisely a junior doctor did our post birth check for Iylah’s vitals, he run a blood saturation test and had picked up that she had low blood saturation’s. They also couldn’t feel the pulses within her groin and feet. Iylah’s pulses were so weak due to her heart not pumping enough blood the doctor had to use the doppler to be able hear the blood flow.

The doctor had mentioned to us he was concerned however not to worry just yet as he will get one of the head cardiologists to come down and double check. This lady gave us the impression that she didn’t want to be undermined or proven wrong by a junior doctor and had cleared us after running the tests again even though her saturations were shown to be low on a second test. She sent us home with the information that our daughter had a soft systolic heart murmur and to check in with our regular GP.

We assumed the doctors knew what they were doing we discharged and went on our way home. 7 days post birth on the 25th of march we had an appointment with our local GP to do another post birth check-up and to check Iylah’s heart murmur. The doctor reassured us she looks healthy however she can still hear a heart murmur and to come back in two days for another check-up.


That night my wife woke me up and expressed concern our daughter was struggling to breath. Iylah’s breathing was fast and was sitting at approximately 150-160 breaths per minute. This lasted about 5 minutes and went away completely. This incident sparked us to do some research. The next day I watched some videos on YouTube about babies struggling to breath and what it looked like to compare to our daughter’s episode.

On the 27th of March we went back in for another check up with our GP to see how Iylah’s heart was going. The same GP expressed her concern Iylah still had a heart murmur. The doctor left the room and came back in with two other general doctors who also looked Iylah over, they expressed they were not so concerned however they did up a referral back to the hospital and we should receive a call for an appointment with one of their cardiologists.

Come about 5pm our daughter showed some concerning symptoms Iylah was having fast breathing patterns again, so we called doctor to your door. While we were waiting, I got my wife to hold our daughter and let me undress her partially to see if she was doing what I had watched in the video. I was shocked. She was, I immediately told my wife to call the ambulance and I cancelled doctor to your door, we were anxiously waiting for the ambulance and packing our bags to go to the hospital for the night.

When the ambulance arrived, they did some visual checks and insisted to us that she didn’t show any concerning signs and they were not inclined to take her up to the hospital. We were hesitant with the response and we had pushed for paramedics to take Iylah up to the hospital. My wife jumped in the back of the ambulance and I waited at home with the 3 other kids. When my wife arrived at the hospital, they did the initial checks in ED and they all seemed to say she was ok, and they didn’t really seem to have any concern with Iylah’s health. A few head doctors agreed to do a blood pressure check on all four limbs at the same time.

The doctors and nurses then admitted Iylah to hospital and told my wife Iylah’s blood pressure is very high we are going to call in our paediatrician cardiologist for some more tests. Ben the cardiologist introduced himself and got straight into doing a heart ultrasound this is where our whole world came crashing down, he told my wife Iylah has a heart problem and it is serious, my wife then called me and informed me about the news. I arranged for my mother to come watch the kids and I rushed up to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital my wife was in tears and in shock, the head cardiologist called in on emergency dressed in thongs, cargo pants and a button up tee ready to save a child’s life. We hugged and I took over as our family’s rock. My wife left the room after they did the scan on our daughter’s heart to confirm Iylah’s condition as it was about to get very hard. My wife left the room as she could not stand to see our precious newborn undergo everything she was about to endure, Iylah had to get a drip into her veins and quick.

It was literally a life or death situation at this point and time. To read more click here.

Thank you Nathan for sharing your journey and donating proceeds of the sale of the Charity Tee's back.