What is Super Boss Day?


HeartKids Super Boss Daychallenges you to dress as your favourite superhero for a day to join the fight against congenital/childhood heart disease - the leading cause of infant death in Australia.

REGISTER to be a Super Boss and raise vital funds for HeartKids.

Or NOMINATE your own boss, colleague, friend or family member if you'd like to see them harness their inner superhero.

Be a real superhero for Aussie heart kids today!

“HeartKids is a great organisation that provides invaluable support to kids and families affected by congenital/childhood heart disease. My family has had first-hand experience of the great service HeartKids provides and so I jumped at the chance to raise money through Super Boss Day in 2017. It was great fun to dress up as Batman for the day at work and it certainly generated lots of awareness of HeartKids along with many generous donations. I look forward to you joining me dressing up as your favourite superhero this year to raise money for HeartKids!!” (Adam Malaspina - BHP Billiton)