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Education Days

HeartKids is here to help you and your family navigate your congenital heart disease journey offering a comprehensive free information service for people of all ages. 
HeartKids 2018-19 CHD Education Days will focus on two of the most requested topics from our community:


  • Adults living with Congenital Heart Disease

  • Fathers of Heart Kids and Bereaved Fathers 


Our Adult CHD Education Days will be run across the country.


Adult CHD Education Day sessions will cover: 
Personal Lived Experience:  

  • Mental health and well-being,  

  • Meet, socialise and refresh  

  • Sexual health, intimacy and relationships 

  • Living with CHD, Challenges and Solutions - Panel 

Workshops are led by experts in their fields and include opportunities for questions and answers. 


HeartKids will be consulting with our HeartKid Dad's and Bereaved Father to understand what topics they would like to see – the Father's Education Days will be held in April 2019.  


Education Days are limited to 100 participants at each event so please ensure you RSVP and ensure you let others know.  

Please note the information provided at HeartKids Education Days is general in nature and participants are encouraged to seek medical advice from their GP and or specialist.