Education Days


HeartKids is here to help you and your family navigate your congenital / childhood heart disease journey offering a comprehensive free information service for people of all ages.

HeartKids 2017 and 2018 CHD Education Days will focus on two of the most requested topics from our community - Family Coping Strategies and Teen Transition.

Heart Kids Education Days are free to attend thanks to our national Education Day sponsor Admedus.

Family Coping sessions will cover:

How to stay positive and manage stress and anxiety
- Communicating with siblings and other loved ones
- Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner
- Maintaining a healthy relationship with your medical and health professional
- Where to access support

Teen Transition sessions will cover:

- The stages of transition from paediatric to adult cardiology services
- Parents perspective of transition and ‘letting go’
- Young people’s perspective of transition and ‘stepping up'
- Your health records
- Where to access support

Workshops are led by experts in their fields and include opportunities for questions and answers.

Please note the information provided at HeartKids Education Days is general in nature and participants are encouraged to seek medical advice from their GP and or specialist.

Education Days are limited to 100 participants at each event so please ensure you RSVP.

CLICK HERE to see one of our Teen Transition Speakers at the recent Education Day launch event in Sydney.