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Childhood Heart Disease National Action Plan


Implementing the first Childhood Heart Disease National Action Plan and pledge from government for a National Childhood Heart Disease Mission.

Yesterday, on HeartKids Sweetheart Day, Health Minister Greg Hunt stood alongside his ministerial colleague and heart kid parent, Minister Steve Ciobo, to announce $150,000 in federal funding to HeartKids for the development of the first National Childhood Heart Disease Action Plan.

The grant of $150,000 announced by Minister Hunt is the first phase of a multi-year strategy.

HeartKids will work with the Childhood Heart Disease community to coordinate Australia's first National Childhood Heart Disease Action Plan in consultation with the Clinical Leadership of all State and Territories Paediatric and Adult Cardiology teams; as well as other non-government agencies and the broader childhood heart disease research community.

The Action Plan is due to be completed in October 2018, following which HeartKids has been asked by the Department of Health to make a further budget submission and recommendations for implementation of the plan as part its multi-year commitment.

HeartKids will work closely with State and Territory Health Departments during the development of the Action Plan to ensure a shared commitment to its implementation.

A stronger HeartKids movement brings success

HeartKids unified its former state and territory organisational structure in November 2016, acknowledging that working together under a single national body would provide a stronger national voice.

Our Board and leadership welcomes the Minister of Health, the Hon. Greg Hunt’s announcement of support as it takes a proactive stance to increase the profile of childhood heart disease within government and provide future funding to support both families and research.

There remains much to do. Our support services delivered in hospitals and the community, remain 100% funded by community donations, fundraising and partnerships with companies and philanthropists.

HeartKids still needs your ongoing support to continue to deliver these vital services.

What is a National Childhood Heart Disease Action Plan?

HeartKids acknowledges the incredible work of our health and hospital partners, but believes there is room for improvement to ensure all patients and people living with and impacted by childhood heart disease can be assisted to live life to the fullest.

The Conquering Childhood Heart Disease National Action Plan will be released in October 2018 and will make recommendations to the Australian Government on the following:

• Models of Care – best practice models of care of all people living with and or impacted by childhood heart disease including infants, children, young people, adults and their families, so that quality of life is improved and the burden of disease is reduced;
• Neurological and mental health - Strategies to address the neurological and mental health issues for patients and their families;
• Workforce and Infrastructure - Define the workforce and infrastructure priorities of childhood heart disease to ensure equity of services;
• Research - Prioritise and identify gaps in childhood heart disease research to inform the Medical Research Future Fund 'Childhood Heart Disease Mission';
• Financial Impact - how to address the tremendous financial impact of childhood heart disease and
• Evaluation - Develop the measures to better understand patient care and to ensure timely implementation of the Action Plan.

Whilst the benefits of the Action Plan won’t be felt today, it will have significant impact on the quality of care our community receives in the future.

Medical Research Future Fund – HeartKids Conquering Childhood Heart Disease Mission

For over 20 years, with your help, HeartKids has raised funds in the community for childhood heart disease research and has invested over $4 million to date. This task will continue in the coming years.

The HeartKids Conquering Childhood Heart Disease Mission will be led by HeartKids working in partnership with Government. We will work with Government and the philanthropic community (both in Australia and internationally) to attract further funding investments and donations.

Every dollar raised by our HeartKids community will continue reducing the social, emotional, physical and financial toll of childhood heart disease of infants, children, adults and their families.