Drakes Supermarkets - Heroes for HeartKids

Capes, masks and lycra tights may be an unusual sight in Drakes Supermarkets but on Friday 31 May, customers were treated with staff and management channelling their inner super heroes for HeartKids.

With a 45 year history, Drakes Supermarkets is the largest independent grocery retailer in Australia, operating over 60 stores across South Australia and Queensland. Founders Roger and Wendy Drake said that supporting HeartKids and Super Boss Day is an important part of the family values at the heart of Drakes Supermarket operations.

“A number of our staff have first-hand experience of raising families that are directly impacted by CHD. Super Boss Day is our way of supporting these HeartKids within our own community, as well as all of those living within the communities we service, who bravely fight this disease every day.

“This year we are proud to say that with our customer support in purchasing the $2 wall tokens along with raffles and other in-store activities we were able to raise $113,060,09. We also encouraged a little friendly rivalry, with the all stores competing for the Drakes Super Boss Day Cup awarded to Glenmore with the highest fundraising tally.”

Eight babies are born with CHD every day and four lives are tragically lost each week. CHD is the leading cause of death in Australian babies under the age of one. It’s a lifelong condition and there’s no known cure.

Funds raised through Super Boss Day 2019 will help HeartKids deliver vital services including in-hospital and family support programs, camps for children and young people living with CHD, as well as vital education days and peer support programs to help families cope with the emotional and financial burden of the disease.

HeartKids CEO Rob Lutter said, “Super Boss Day is a light-hearted way for Australian organisations to harness their strength, numbers and influence, in order to help seriously ill babies and children and their families. We would like to thank the staff at Drakes Supermarkets and all their customers for helping us deliver the support to these families in their time of need.



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