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Heart of the Matter - Issue #1

Issue #1: July Issue


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Heart of the Matter

eNews Issue #1

Welcome to the HeartKids eNews!

We aim to share the latest news and information of relevance to all of our HeartKids and Heart Angel families and supporters. As part of our commitment to keep you informed you will continue to receive regular updates from your local HeartKids office, to notify you of events and local news in your state.

You may receive this eNews to more than one of your email addresses – work and/or multiple home emails. If so, we apologise for any inconvenience. Call our HeartKids Helpline on 1800 432 785 or email to update your details on our database or click here to view our Privacy Policy.


Thank you to all our Super Bosses

You've helped us raise $334,903!

We are proud to announce that HeartKids Super Boss Day 2017 was our most successful one yet! With a record 218 Super Bosses across Australia signing up to put on masks, capes and tights to be a super hero for HeartKids, these heroes have raised a grand total of $334,903 that will go towards HeartKids hospital based care programs for parents of newborns and for children returning to hospital for treatment.

We would like to thank all of our dedicated HeartKids Super Bosses who have helped raise this record breaking tally, as well as all of our generous corporate sponsors and individual donors that supported their heroes.

Thank you to our highest national fundraiser, Super Scarlett (from Victoria) who raised a total of $9,673 and a special shout out to the following super fundraisers* who raised the highest funds in their States:

Adam Malaspina (WA) - $9,014
David Coote (NSW) - $5,306
Football Federation (SA) - $3,813
George Samios, Madd Loans (QLD) - $3,208
Lynda Valentine Our Super Boss BOOM!!!! (NT) - $802
Ray White Belconnen (ACT) - $689
Super Students, Montello Primary School (TAS) - $429

*Names reported according to their HeartKids Super Boss fundraising page names, due to privacy

Planning for HeartKids Super Boss Day 2018 is already underway. To register your interest please contact your local HeartKids Office or call HeartKids Helpline of 1800 432 785.rivacy.


Our Future

The HeartKids 2020 Strategic Plan

As a valued supporter, the HeartKids Board of Directors are proud to release our three year Strategic Plan. HeartKids has a very clear purpose; we are your compass to help navigate your congenital/childhood heart journey throughout your lifetime.

Whether you are living with congenital/childhood heart disease, or are a parent, family member or care giver, or whether you have sadly lost a family member to congenital/childhood heart disease - HeartKids’ aim is to support you on your life journey.

We have developed clear, achievable goals and priorities for the next three years across our work in Advocacy, Information, Research and Support. – AIRS is HeartKid’s new model of care focusing our energies on infants and children whilst growing our services to support more young people and young adults. Our ultimate motivation is to give all Australians impacted by congenital/childhood heart disease, regardless of their age or ability, a more effective role in their own treatment. Read more here.


Self Care for Heart Angel Families

What is self care?

Simply, it means looking after yourself. Self-care helps maintain your physical, mental and emotional health. It’s about identifying your own needs and taking the time to do some activities that take care of you.

In order to look after and help others we must first look after ourselves. Self-care is about taking time to recharge, and we all do that differently.For some, it helps to speak to others in similar situations, and the HeartKids Support Team organises events to connect you with families just like yours, to help you develop a peer to peer support network.

Please contact your local HeartKids Division or call HeartKids Helpline of 1800 432 785 to find out about upcoming family support events in your local area, or for help with resources and advice on self-care techniques.

Did you know that since January, HeartKids has been developing and collating a national directory of support services for heart kids and Heart Angel families? This first allows our team to connect you to support services in your local community, helps navigate hospitals and health systems and points you in the right direction when you are seeking answers.

If you need help please call 1800 432 785.


Research News


The recipients of our 2017 HeartKids Grants-in-Aid Research Awards are now well underway with ground-breaking projects looking to unlock the mysteries of congenital/childhood heart disease.

This year HeartKids funded 7 new projects to the value of $290,000. Since the program's inception in 2011, this brings our total Grants-in-Aid funding to over $1.4 million across a total of 34 projects. Overall, HeartKids has invested over $3.5 million across all research initiatives to date.

The Grants-in-Aid program is unique as it provides funding for smaller projects with duration of 12 months maximum. The Grants-in-Aid are intended to support and grow research capacity specifically directed to congenital/childhood heart disease and to enable pilot studies which may lead to larger, longer-term research projects.

Professor Yves d’Udekem, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon at Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, HeartKids Grants-in-Aid Researcher and HeartKids Hall of Honour recipient is well known in our community, and shares details of his current research project made possible by HeartKids: Click here to view a short video on his research.


Heart of the Matter

Thank you to all our Super Bosses

Our Future

Self Care for Heart Angel Families

Research News



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