Put a swear jar in your workplace, at home or in the car !!!! Either challenge yourself or everyone to make the air less blue this February.

Please note that this is of course an adults only campaign and we encourage everyone to keep it clean in front of the kids at all times.

STEP 1: Set up your swear jar and let everyone know that you will be taking on a challenge to keep it clean for the whole of February.

Encourage your work mates to join in and set a $$ value for each F’in lapse. If an emergency swearing situation arises consider if a larger donation should be made to allow for 30 secs of swearing time.

STEP 2: Police yourself, your friends, your colleagues and make sure that the air isn’t turned blue this February.

STEP 3: Raise funds for little hearts and encourage everyone you know to chip in through your fundraising page


Download your Swear Jar Label by clicking on the image you want.

No F in Feb Swear Jar Label 


Xander Swear Jar Label