For the 8 babies born each day with heart disease, there is no known cure.

We are raising awareness and funds to fight against one of the leading causes of infant death in Australia, congenital heart disease.

8 babies a day are born with heart disease. That is almost 3,000 families every year whose lives are changed forever. 

Each week, four young lives are lost to congenital heart disease.

For children born with or who acquire heart disease it is a lifetime condition. The support HeartKids offers is from birth to teen to adulthood to give every heart kid a fighting chance of leading a long and fulfilling life. It is also why we invest in research, from investigating the causes through to the mental health impact on children and their families.

These kids face ongoing challenges and medical treatment, often multiple surgeries, and require constant support. HeartKids is the only national charity focused on funding the research, information and care and support for children, families and adults from diagnosis all the way throughout their life journey with CHD.


Xander's Story 

Meet Xander our 2019 & 2020 face of the Show Your Heart Campaign..

Xander’s heart didn’t form correctly in the womb and this has meant that this little boy has had some of the most complex heart surgery that it is possible to have. Xander had his first surgery at two days old. Just before he turned one he had his first major heart surgery and his first birthday was spent in hospital. He has since had a pacemaker fitted to keep his heart in rhythm. 
For almost 12 months the most basic activity was exhausting for him and the energy levels required to perform the most basic task was a challenge for him. Xander also displayed signs of post-traumatic stress and anxiety which was evident when he had to see doctors or visit the hospital.
Xander is doing really well since his surgeries two years ago. He is a happy, loving, kind, energetic and thriving three year old. He loves all things ‘construction’ but importantly, sees joy in all aspects of life. He has experienced so much pain and suffering but continues living as though nothing is wrong.
Without his shirt on, all of his scars are reminders of his ordeal and they are a symbol of the strength and courage and bravery he showed while fighting for survival.
HeartKids has provided a lifeline to the whole family throughout their journey. They’ve supported by providing advice through their helpline and face-to-face meetings, provided care bags to support the often lengthy and expensive hospital stays and provided Xander with his own heart beads as a visual to keep track of the journey Xander has been on. Each bead signifies a major procedure and brings reminders of what Xander went through and will be something for Xander to treasure when he is older to help him understand the gravity of what he survived.



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