What is Feb Unplugged?

Feb Unplugged is a social media detox in Feb (obvs)! No, no one has to put their phones away for the month that would cause a revolt! It is more about reducing social media use to an agreed minimum OR yes...even going cold turkey!! 

We all know there are a lot of health benefits associated with reducing your social media intake, including better mental health outcomes, better relationships, improved sleep, improved focus, more hours in the day to do other fun stuff, and so much more!  


How does it work?


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1. Simply commit to getting off your social media and signing up for the challenge.

2. Set your goals and download a social media tracking app or use your phone's one to help you monitor your usage (you can find some examples here).

3. Tell your friends and family and ask them to sponsor you.

4. Post a screen shot on your fundraising page each day of your usage so your sponsors can see how you are going.

5. Ask your friends to join in, the more people doing it the less chance of FOMO. 


It is easy so get Unplugged this February.

Signs you need a digital detox

If you can tick any of the below then it is time…

Feb off button It's the first thing you do in the morning

Feb off button You spend hours looking at nonsense including cat videos

Feb off button And check in at every location

Feb off button You take photos of literally everything and have perfected ‘The Look’.

Feb off button You hear imaginary notifications

Feb off button Your friends only contact you via social media

Feb off button And it takes over every activity

Feb off button Friends & family complain you are always on your phone

Rules around the detox

Did you know that we spend on average 2.2 hours per day on social 

Feb off button Agree to a daily time limit (suggested max 1 hour less spent on social media) or go cold turkey

Feb off button Post a daily update on your fundraising page to show how you are going

Feb off button You can buy back time. $10 for 30 min of social media time. Either ask your friends to sponsor you

or donate to yourself.


For tips on how to reduce your time on social click here.



Did you know that nearly half of Aussie kids aged 6 to 13 own or use a mobile phone?




What Social Media is part of the Challenge?

Feb off button Instagram

Feb off button Facebook

Feb off button Snapchat

Feb off button Tik Tok

Feb off button Twitter

Feb off button Pinterest

Feb off button YouTube

Feb off button Tumblr

Feb off button Reddit


What it doesn’t include

Feb off button Phone calls

Feb off button Emails – as long as they don’t lead to social apps

Feb off button Whatsapp

Feb off button Messenger - for texting only



Studies show that social media use (in adolescence) is associated with poor sleep quality, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.