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We have gathered some tips and resources a to support your Social Media DETOX. Ironically some are for social media to tell your friends and family about what you are doing before you get started. Others to let people know you are away from social media all for a good cause so they don't think you are giving them the cold shoulder.


Tips to help you go UNPLUGGED 

It is about modifying your use step by step

Feb off button Put up the I’m detoxing tile to let everyone know you are away from social media for a while

Feb off button Set goals for when you can use your smartphone. e.g, reward yourself with a certain amount of time on your phone once you’ve completed a homework assignment or finished a chore.

Feb off button Turn off your phone at certain times of the day, such as when you’re driving, in a meeting, at the gym, having dinner, or playing with your kids. Don’t take your phone with you to the bathroom.

Feb off button Don’t bring your phone or tablet to bed. The blue light emitted by the screens can disrupt your sleep if used within two hours of bedtime.

 Feb off button Replace your smartphone use with healthier activities. Have a plan for other ways to fill the time, such as meditating, reading a book, or chatting with friends in person.

Feb off button Play the “phone stack” game. Spending time with other smartphone addicts? Play the “phone stack” game. When you’re having lunch, dinner, or drinks together, have everyone place their smartphones face down on the table. Even as the phones buzz and beep, no one is allowed to grab their device. If someone can’t resist checking their phone, that person has to donate to your fundraising page

Feb off button Remove social media apps from your phone so you can only check Facebook, Twitter and the like from your computer.

Feb off button Limit checks. If you compulsively check your phone every few minutes, wean yourself off by limiting your checks to once every 15 minutes. Then once every 30 minutes, then once an hour. If you need help, there are apps that can automatically limit when you’re able to access your phone.

Feb off button Curb your fear of missing out. Accept that by limiting your smartphone use, you’re likely going to miss out on certain invitations, breaking news, or new gossip. There is so much information available on the Internet, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of everything, anyway. Accepting this can be liberating and help break your reliance on technology.

Feb off button Lastly, encourage your friends to join you in the challenge, that way there is less pressure on you to connect through social media.


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Things to do with your spare time since you aren’t on your phone

Feb off button Exercise and get those endorphins going

Feb off button Play board games (be a kid again)

Feb off button Read a book (not on your phone)

Feb off button Enjoy family dinners

Feb off button Watch a movie

Feb off button Go on a bush walk

Feb off button Get outside and kick a ball around with family/friends

Feb off button Bike ride

Feb off button Go to the beach/local swimming hole

Feb off button Take the dog for a walk

Feb off button Paint or colour something

Feb off button Do a crossword (paper one) or puzzle




Top Fundraising Tips

1. Show You're Committed - Donate to Yourself

Nothing shows commitment to the challenge like donating to yourself. It's also a great way to lead by example.

2. Spread the Word

Let friends, family and colleagues know you've signed up to the challenge - that way, there's no backing out! Tell them in person, send an email, send an SMS, or before you start put it on Facebook, Tweet it, do a Tic Toc! Don't forget to let them know how they can support you and make a donation: share your fundraising page URL.

3. It's OK to ask more than once

We all need reminding every now and again. You're doing something great for yourself, and for others, so don't hesitate to follow up people, and remind them to make a donation. Even if you've asked before, people get busy or simply forget.