We all know there are a lot more studies going around that shows that there are significant health benefits associated with reducing your social media intake, including:

Feb off button better mental health outcomes - reduced anxiety and depression,

Feb off button better relationships,

Feb off button improved sleep,

Feb off button improved focus, 

Feb off button less opportunity for cyberbullying,

Feb off button less feeling of isolation as you reconnect on a face to face level

Feb off button less opportunity for poor self esteem and negative body image issues

Feb off button more hours in the day to do stuff and so much more! 

We want to encourage you to live outside the social media world for a while and reconnect on a personal level. 

We think a detox that is not only great for you BUT benefits our heart kids is a win win situation...


Why get involved?

Not only are there some great health outcomes for yourself and your family BUT by taking on the challenge you will help our heart kids and heart angel families. 

Did you know every 3 hours in Australia a family welcomes a child into this world that has a lifelong heart condition. That is eight babies born everyday with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and tragically every week, four young lives are lost. 

Families of babies born with heart defects endure enormous emotional and financial stress and the news is often received without warning.  These kids and families often suffer from the feeling of isolation, anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Having surgery is not a cure.

Children with congenital heart disease will face unique challenges for the rest of their lives and for many, this will include ongoing medical treatment, long stays in hospital and repeated heart surgeries.

Your support helps us support those affected by CHD and acquired heart disease both in hospital and in the community through our support services and programs. HeartKids hosts teen camps, opportunities to connect with other young families in the same boat, Christmas parties, morning gatherings for the CHD community, peer support, family matching and more.

HeartKids makes sure that families are supported during their stay in hospital by providing emotional support, meals, parents care bags, accommodation and emergency travel funds for rural families.

We can not do what we do without people like you who are prepared to do their own DETOX - So THANK YOU


Did you know?

39% of Australian smartphone users think they use their phones too much.






Things to do with your spare time since you aren’t on your phone

Feb off button At your lunch break go for a walk or have a face-to-face chat with your friends

Feb off button Challenge your friends to a quick game of one-on-one basketball

Feb off button Play board games with the kids or friends

Feb off button Read a book (not on your phone)

Feb off button Enjoy family dinners

Feb off button Watch a movie

Feb off button Go on a bush walk

Feb off button Get outside and kick a ball around with family/friends

Feb off button Go on a bike ride

Feb off button Go to the beach/local swimming hole

Feb off button Take the dog for a walk

Feb off button Paint or colour something

Feb off button Do a crossword (paper one) or puzzle


Here are some tips to help with your detox

Feb off button Put up the I’m detoxing tile to let everyone know you are away from social media for a while

Feb off button Delete the apps on your phone

Feb off button Organise to get together with friends and have time together off your phones.

For more tips click here