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Get Involved with Super Boss Day

If you're a BOSS

1. REGISTER as a boss
2. Set up your fundraising account with Everydayhero
3. Personalise your fund raising page
4. Send your fund raising page link to friends, family and
work colleagues and share it on your social media
5. Start raising funds!


IRON MAN WONDER WOMAN WONDER MAN - resizedIf you're an Employee, you can NOMINATE YOUR BOSS

1. Click on the NOMINATE NOW button and fill out the form
2. Your boss will receive a notification that he or she has been nominated!
3. Help your boss to register and create a fundraising profile


If you want to DONATE

1. Click on the DONATE NOW button
2. Select the state
3. Find the boss or company you wish to support
4. Start donating!