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About Super Boss Day

Super Boss Day is a fun initiative where bosses or co-workers dress as a superhero for a day to raise funds for HeartKids to support children with heart disease and their families.

  • Bosses can register themselves or we can help you nominate a boss and encourage them to join in the fun.

  • By raising funds, you get to dress up as your favourite superhero on Super Boss Day!

  • It’s a lot of fun, a great way to involve your staff and colleagues and at the same time raise funds for HeartKids.

Once registered, you will receive your own fundraising page, which you can share with your family and friends, to ask them to support your cause! For more tips & tricks on how you can get started click here.


Take the Super Boss Day Challenge:


Register to be a Super Boss and be a real HERO for HeartKids by pledging to raise one of the amounts below to provide life-changing support and programs to children and their families affected by congenital heart disease.

Funds go towards a number of programs, including in-hospital support, family support (in and out of hospital), teen camps, family camps, education days, and peer support programs among other programs.

We are looking to extend our services to areas of mental health awareness and support, bereavement counselling and tailored therapy sessions that assist families throughout the year, guiding them through the trauma and helping them manage the significant social, emotional and physical well-being challenges associated with childhood heart disease.

So Register Now and pledge to raise the following (by filling in the 'Raise Target' section when completing your registration):

2000 only

 Provides 5 families with counselling when they have lost a child - 4 lives are lost each week

5000 only

Can assist with 20 trips for families travelling inter-state or from rural areas to the major children's hospitals.

10000 only
Can assist 10 families to go on a family camp (2 nights accommodation, food and activities included). Providing much needed peer support and a break from the everyday challenges families face.

The Benefits of Participating in Super Boss Day in your Workplace

• Make a real difference to a heart kid’s life
• Create a charitable community image for your organisation
• Foster team building and camaraderie among your employees
• Increase your brand visibility by sharing SUPER stories that build your brand
• Engage your customers, suppliers and business acquaintances to share the experience and enjoy Super Boss Day with you
• Connect with other like-minded business people as well as our HeartKids community



"HeartKids Super Boss Day is a fun and memorable event however the amount of lycra seen in the office was both terrifying and hilarious! It was worth the spray tan and wigs, as we were able to contribute significantly (thanks to our sponsors and suppliers) to HeartKids who continue to caringly assist one of our colleagues after the birth of his daughter with congenital heart disease”. 
(Sarah Rowley - Independent Cement and Lime Group)

“HeartKids is a great organisation that provides invaluable support to kids and families affected by congenital heart disease. My family has had first-hand experience of the great service HeartKids provides and so I jumped at the chance to raise money through Super Boss Day in 2017. It was great fun to dress up as Batman for the day at work and it certainly generated lots of awareness of HeartKids along with many generous donations. I look forward to you joining me dressing up as your favourite superhero this year to raise money for HeartKids!!” (Adam Malaspina - BHP Billiton)

“Super Boss Day was great fun, it brought a lot of smiles to the faces of my colleagues as well as raising much needed funds and awareness for heart kids within my local community. I look forward to supporting HeartKids Super Boss Day again this year”. (Adam Sorrell - Ray White Rowville - pictured below)

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