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Nominating a boss, colleague or your own Super Hero?

Here are some tips to get everyone involved.

1. If you are a boss, take the lead and register yourself and then let people know about the Super Boss Challenge by posting on social media.

2. Send the person you think will make a great Super Hero an email with a link to the Super Boss Day website and the registration page. We have some email/letter templates you can use:

3. Then dare those friends and family around you to take up the challenge in their workplace.

4. Help those who are keen to sign up and create a fundraising profile. 

5. Schedule a meeting with your boss and bring along your colleagues and the Super Boss Day poster (getting coffee to charm the boss may help) to show them what it is all about.

6. Challenge your boss to get their boss involved...the more the merrier and a great team bonding day.

School Letter Template: 

 Use this to write a note to your teacher or principle asking them to "Be a Hero for HeartKids" 

SBD School letterhead 

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Hero T-shirt

Not sure what to wear! Order one of our "BE A HERO FOR HEARTKIDS T-SHIRTS"

* HeartKids Logo on the back