Why Participate?

Congenital heart disease is one of the leading causes of death of Australian babies.

8 babies each day are born with CHD, that is 1 in 100 children. Sadly 4 young lives are lost each week.

There is no known cure, and those living with congenital heart disease face unique challenges for their entire life.

HeartKids needs your help to fund vital support services for these families throughout their lifelong journey, all across Australia.

We want to give every CHD child a fighting chance of leading a long and fulfilling life

  1. Get Involved with Super Boss Day

     If you're a BOSS

        1. REGISTER as a boss

        2. Set up your fundraising account with Everydayhero

        3. Personalise your fund raising page

        4. Send your fund raising page link to friends, family and work colleagues and share it on your social media

        5. Start raising funds!




    If you're an Employee, you can STILL GET INVOLVED

    1. Let your Boss know about the challenge

    2. Dare them to sign up

    3. Help your boss to register and create a fundraising profile

    4. Commit to also dressing up on the day


    If you're a School or daycare centre,

    1. Let your principle and school community know about the challenge

    2. Print out the poster &/ add it to a newsletter

    3. Dare the school community families to sign up or sign up the principle challenging him/her to dress up on the day and asking the school community to donate.

    4. Add the 19th June to the school calendar and ask students to dress up for a gold coin donation.




    If you want to DONATE

    1. Click on the DONATE NOW button

    2. Start donating!

    3. Donations > $2 are tax deductable.

    For those who would like to become a REGULAR DONOR click here



    If you're planning something special for Super Boss Day, let us know your plans! We'd love to share your story with other HEROES out there! Contact 



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