The families of kids with congential heart disease do it tough. You can help make it that little bit easier with an EOFY donation.

No two stories are ever the same, every person’s journey is different, and children born with congenital heart disease also have different stories. Some are born with small holes in their heart that close with no intervention while others are born with complex heart defects that require lifesaving operations. Unfortunately, the Newell family fall into the latter.

Young parents Logan and Angel like all expectant parents had hopes and dreams for their little family. All that changed in a heartbeat at their 18-week scan when little Azariah was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and an intact atrial septum.

Azariah had open heart surgery to open the intact atrial septum at only 10 minutes old. Sadly, he grew his wings at just 4 days old. 


Losing Azariah traumatised us and we struggled to cope. He was such a brave little fighter. He went through more in his short life than what some adults go through in their entire lives. Every day is hard, it absolutely broke us, but it also has made us stronger as parents. 


Logan and Angel welcomed another baby boy in August last year. Unfortunately, little Izayvier was also diagnosed with various congenital heart defects at their pre-natal scan.


Even though we had a better understanding of what to expect when Izayvier was born, we were so traumatised from losing Azariah that it was very hard going back to Westmead Hospital. The sound of beeping machines, the smell of the tapes used for the ventilator and feeding tubes triggered such anxiety and we both struggled. We didn’t know if we’d be bringing a baby home.” 


Luckily after a 10-hour surgery at 3 days old and a pacemaker implanted at 10 days old and weeks of recovery, they were able to bring little Izayvier home. 

It has come at an emotional and financial cost.

 Being a heart parent means a lifetime of hospital appointments and life never being the same. We have spent thousands of dollars on food and accommodation and all the other costs associated with a sick baby.” 

We didn’t know about HeartKids when we had Azariah and having had such amazing support with Izayvier we wished we had known. HeartKids have been there for us prenatally and during our hospital stay, always checking up on us and have helped us out financially so we could afford meals and accommodation allowing us to be close to Izayvier. Since we left hospital, they have also connected us with other heart families who understand our lives and provided further financial assistance as things have been tough with one income. This time around we have felt less alone and are forever grateful.– Angel, Azariah & Izayvier’s Mum

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P.S Little Izayvier is doing well and is a curious and happy little boy.

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