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Two Feet & A Heartbeat

In honour of the four lives lost to congenital or acquired heart disease every week, Two Feet & A Heartbeat is a 4km walk, enabling participants of all ages to get involved.

Those keen on a greater challenge can choose to do the course twice, and tackle 8km in recognition of the eight babies born with congenital heart disease every day.

So join us in this community event celebrating our heart warriors and heart angels.


What you need to know: 

Registration Fee*:

Includes a pair of socks and a flag per entrant.

Pricing 2

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The Early Bird Pricing and Processing Fee are reflected in the price at registration.


You can purchase your merchandise here. All merchandise will be available on arrival at your selected venue at time of registration. If you would like to get yours earlier please order through our standard merchandise site through this link


Corporate Opportunities:

If you are an organisation that would like to discuss partnership opportunities, you can view our Sponsorship Brochure here or contact us on 1800 432 785.


*NOTE: *All Two Feet & a Heartbeat branded flags, socks and any purchased merchandise will be received upon arrival to the selected event





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All participants receive* a special flag to carry during the walk, with the colour corresponding to their connection with congenital or acquired heart disease

  • WHITE - Family and friends walking in memory of Heart angels
  • BLUE - Children, teens and adults with congenital or acquired heart disease
  • RED - Supporters, friends and family of those affected by congenital or acquired heart disease.

*Two Feet & a Heartbeat branded flags and socks (and any further purchased merchandise), will be received upon arrival at the selected event.