Centrelink Benefits and Childcare

Financial Support

There are variances in the financial support allowances that families may be eligible for. These will depend on the personal circumstances of the individual or family, and the medical condition of the family member the claim is related to.

Congenital heart disease is not currently recognised as a disability for carers payment, however, organ failure and some syndromes are on the recognised list.  HeartKids is working hard to advocate for family's needs and lobby government to improve the financial support provided to families impacted by congenital heart disease.

Application for these payments will need to be supported by a medical practitioner.

Parental Leave Pay

Parental Leave Pay provides financial support for eligible working parents for up to 18 weeks to help them care for a newborn or recently adopted child.

Dad and Partner Pay

Fathers may be eligible to claim Dad and Partner Pay for 2 weeks to help care for a newborn or recently adopted child. Eligibility criteria apply.

Newborn Upfront Payment and Newborn Supplement

Parents receiving Family Tax Benefit A may also be eligible for Newborn Upfront Payment and Newborn Supplement. You will be automatically assessed for this payment when you apply for your Family Tax benefit.

Bereavement Pay

Bereavement Pay can be claimed if you experience a death of your partner / child / person you are caring for. It is to assist with the financial changes that may affect you as a result of the bereavement. It will be determined by individual circumstances.

Please also see our Heart Angels page for information on how our Support Team can help you in the event of a bereavement.  Or call our HeartKids Helpline on 1800 432 785 to be pointed in the right direction for specialised support services in your area.

Special Child Care Benefit SCCB

Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB) is provided by the Australian Government, and administered under the family assistance law. It is not subject to parental income tests. SCCB is available to support families with child care costs when they are experiencing a ‘hardship event that impacts significantly on their ability to pay child care costs’.

This can be due to ‘significant income reduction or increased expenditure or need for hours/increased hours of care arising from the event’.

Approved child care services are able to approve up to 13 weeks per financial year for a child using their care. If a longer period of SCCB is required, the child care facility can apply to the Department of Human Services for consideration of further assistance for the family.

Child Care for siblings during hospital admission (updated May 2018)

If you require child care for your other children when your heart child is receiving treatment in hospital, HeartKids suggests that you speak with the social worker, attached to your cardiac unit.
The social worker will be able to provide information regarding eligibility and options.
Alternatively, please speak to your local HeartKids Support Manager, they will assist with the best person to speak to at your hospital or provide you with useful information regarding child care options.

And remember, you can always ring the HeartKids Helpline on 1800 432 785

Emergency child care spots

Some child care facilities hold ‘emergency spaces’ for children in their care. These are available for extreme emergency situations where urgent childcare is needed. These are not available in all centres and families must seek further information from the director of their child care centre.