Jayne Blake

Jayne has been a Director of HeartKids since 2011, previously in the roles of Chair of HeartKids Australia, Chair HeartKids New South Wales and has also been Chair of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee and Chair of the Alignment and Engagement Committee of Heart Kids Australia.

In June 2015, Jayne was appointed as Caretaker Chief Executive Officer of HeartKids Australia and led the integration process from the HeartKids federated structure to HeartKids Ltd. Jayne is now a Director of HeartKids and Chair of the Development Advisory Committee.

Jayne is an experienced company director with broad cross-functional expertise including key Executive roles in Finance, Sales, Commercial and Customer Relations. In her corporate career Jayne worked for Vodafone Group in various General Manager roles in both the UK and Australia, in Finance, Commercial and Customer Service functions, until becoming Sales Director in 2004. Bringing all this experience together Jayne established JBC International, a coaching and consulting business in 2009, specialising in assisting other organisations to effectively plan for and drive sustainable business growth.