Lionel Henderson

Lionel Henderson is an experienced Company Director and manager of large-scale research engagements. He is a Director of Business Development & Commercial with CSIRO, where he has developed the framework for several research alliances and collaboration frameworks, including public – private partnerships, and has managed CSIRO’s involvement in multiple CRCs. Lionel has managed the licensing for a range of CSIRO’s technologies domestically and internationally and has recently returned from a USA posting. He has also been a member and Chair of a number of external committees for CSIRO. Lionel is an experienced Company Director, having been a Director or Company Secretary for several CSIRO joint ventures, since 2004.

Prior to joining CSIRO he managed a horticultural biotechnology company for 10 years, which had a significant international business and large intellectual property portfolio. Lionel has a science background and has worked in the commercialisation of new technologies since 1988.

As the grandfather of a HeartKid, Lionel is committed to the success of HeartKids Ltd.

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