Governance and Ethical Leadership

As a charitable institution and Company Limited by Guarantee, HeartKids Limited is reliant upon community and corporate goodwill to achieve its goals.

As a community organisation, HeartKids also has considerable legislative, administrative and other accountabilities that need to be maintained to a high standard.

The Board is comprised of twelve Directors who bring expertise in congenital and acquired heart disease medicine, medical science and research, governance and executive management, finance, marketing and communications, not-for-profit administration, as well as extensive networks with the corporate, public and government sectors and the broader community.

Role of the Board of Directors

The role of the Board is defined by HeartKid’s Constitution, being thtion.  The Board, staff and volunteer operates in line with a Code of Conduct.

The Board’s primary role is to ensure a range e legal instrument guiding the organisaof strategies that support people impacted by congenital and childhood heart disease is achieved.

To undertake this role, the Board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the organisation.

This includes:

The Board is also responsible for approving and monitoring finance and other reporting and compliance.

The Board delegates responsibility for the operation and administration of the organisation to the Chief Executive Officer. Responsibilities are delineated by formal authority delegations.

 Board Processes

To assist in the execution of its responsibilities the Board of Directors has established a number of committees including:

These committees have written terms of reference and operating procedures reviewed on an annual basis.

Board Planning Framework

The Board adopted its three year Corporate Plan in May 2017.  This outlines our Mission, Purpose, values, goals and strategies. These strategies are outcome-focused and are measured by clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs).

Our corporate plan can be found at (link) and includes:

Board of Directors Education

HeartKids has a formal process to induct and educate new and continuing Directors about the nature of the organisation, health and medical issues, the corporate strategy and the expectations concerning performance and conduct of Board Members.

Board Diversity

The Board is a skills based Board and is broadly representative of the congenital / childhood heart disease community. It includes Cardiologists, health sector professionals and policy analysts, medical researchers, parents of children with congenital heart disease and adults living with congenital or acquired heart disease.   Fifty percent of the Board is female and seventy percent have direct or lived experience of congenital heart disease either as a patient, family member, or treating health professional.