Norman Hutton

Norm commenced his career within the Charitable  sector around 30 years ago when he took up a role at St John Ambulance.

After almost 10 years of developing their first aid programmes including working with Unions and Government to introduce a First Aid in the Workplace Code of Practice Norm found at The Brotherhood of St Laurence reshaping their donated goods and retail Op Shop strategy.

After completing an MBA he settled in for 11 years at Variety the Children's Charity creating a number of new initiatives for children with special needs including taking on the development of a purpose designed and built Wheelchair Swing which is now a feature in parks and playgrounds around the Variety world from Australia and New Zealand to Canada and Ireland.

Norm finally made his way to HeartKids in 2013.

With 4 children and 6 grandchildren, plus his passion for Golf, the Richmond Football Club and HeartKids, Norm enjoys a fairly full agenda both during the week and at weekends.......and he would not change a thing.