Chelsea_1_Many people are unaware of childhood heart disease (CHD) – and its prevalence in Australia.

Some remember the term “Blue Baby” and “Hole in the Heart Baby” – these are conditions that describe CHD which, in reality, covers a wide range of conditions. At HeartKids, we also include children who may acquire heart conditions such as Rheumatic Fever and Kawasaki’s Disease – therefore we often refer to CHD as meaning childhood heart disease , rather than congenital heart disease.

Some startling statistics:

  • Eight babies are born with a heart defect in Australia every day. That is almost 3,000 every year.
  • Childhood heart disease is the single biggest killer of children under the age of one in Australia.
  • Approx half of children diagnosed with heart disease require surgery to correct the defect.
  • Each week more than four Australians pass away as a result of a congenital heart defect.
  • It is estimated that 32,000 children (under 18 years of age) are currently living with CHD in Australia.
  • Some children acquire heart conditions during childhood, e.g. cardiomyopathy, Kawasaki disease or as a result of rheumatic fever.
  • A disproportionate number of indigenous children suffer from acquired heart disease – often as a result of rheumatic fever, which is prevalent in many communities.

HeartKids are striving to increase awareness of childhood heart disease through various campaign and advocacy programs.

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