Young People

Being a teenager comes with its challenges, but when you’re growing up with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD), you’re not alone.

Explore tools, resources, and join a vibrant community of young people who are living their best lives with CoHD. Embrace the journey with confidence and support from HeartKids!

Growing Up with a Heart Condition

When you’re a teen with a heart condition, making healthy life and lifestyle choices is super important. Learn more with our resources that can help you to understand and take control of your heart condition.

Moving to The Adult Healthcare System

Transitioning from child to adult care is an important step in your health journey. Learning about the transition process can help to make sure your experience and step into independence is as smooth as possible.


Discover UpBeat by HeartKids, an app for teens with heart conditions just like you! Use UpBeat to store your important health info so you have it all in one place. Or learn more about moving to the adult health care system,and finding teen events and support networks.

Teen Camps

Fun, Friendship and Adventure Awaits!

Our HeartKids camps and events provide an opportunity for young people aged between 13-17 years with a heart condition to connect with others experiencing a similar journey, share stories and develop new friendships.

The activities empower you as a young personal to increase your independence, build your health care skills and develop self-confidence. It really can be life-changing!


A HeartKids, we are here to help you navigate your way to your best life. Find the tailored support you need to be empowered to manage your own heart condition as a teen or young adult.

Support Services

HeartKids have support staff located in hospitals across Australia, providing in-hospital or cardiology clinic visits to families when they are at their most vulnerable. Our team is made up of caring professional staff, including several heart parents.

When you and your loved ones need to go to hospital in an emergency or for treatments, our HeartKids Support Coordinators provide practical, emotional, and guiding support to assist in meeting your immediate needs while you navigate your new circumstances. We want you to be supported and well-informed throughout your healthcare journey.

HeartKids offer:

  • Direct support from a HeartKids Support Coordinator
  • Education and information resources
  • Mental health support via HeartKids and external mental health supports
  • HeartKids Helpline services, five days a week
  • In-hospital events and morning teas

HeartKids are here to support you at every step of your journey, no matter where you are. Our teams are ready to help you figure out what comes next after leaving the hospital, navigate daily life, and face any challenges that come your way.

For families and individuals managing CoHD outside the hospital, HeartKids offers:

  • Check-ins and support from a HeartKids Support Coordinator
  • Mental health support
  • Access to the HeartKids Helpline, available five days a week
  • Customised resources and information
  • Expert referrals to the right services

The HeartKids Helpline offers support and guidance to those impacted by Childhood-onset Heart Disease, including families, caregivers, health professionals, and anyone seeking information or referrals. Our team is here to listen and assist without judgment, ensuring everyone feels supported.

You can call the Helpline to access support and information about:

  • Information and education resources on CoHD
  • Peer support programs in your area
  • Telephone and online support groups
  • Professional mental health support
  • Information regarding government subsidies for travel and accommodation
  • What you need to know when preparing for a hospital stay or treatment
  • Referrals to relevant services

HeartKids dedicated mental health services are designed to support your emotional and psychological needs through:

  • Individual or Family Counselling: Tailored sessions to help you cope with the challenges of CoHD, offering support and strategies for emotional resilience.
  • Online Hearts and Minds Program: A supportive online discussion group to connect with others, share experiences, and learn from collective wisdom.
  • Navigating Your CoHD Journey Workshops: Online workshops providing practical advice and insights to help manage the complexities of living with CoHD.

Information and Resources

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Resource Library

HeartKids’ Resource Library is a one-stop-shop of information and support materials for adults and kids with CoHD.

Fact Sheets

Concise and informative resources tailored for adults for all stages of their CoHD journeys.


Find useful and accessible videos designed to help everyone understand, manage, and thrive with CoHD.

From the Heart Podcast

Explore the ‘From the Heart’, HeartKids’ podcast offering insights into living life well with CoHD.

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