Learn and Find Support

We understand that each and every journey with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD) is different. That’s why HeartKids provides tailored information, support services and connection opportunities for everyone impacted by CoHD.

No matter where you are on your CoHD journey, HeartKids is your CoHD companion for life.

Parents and Carers

From first diagnosis to navigating treatment and life with a child living with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD). Find relevant information, resources, support services and community connection for you as a parent or carer of someone with CoHD.


Living with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD) as an adult comes with unique challenges and experiences. Find tailored support, resources, and a community that understands, empowering you to live your life to the fullest.

Young People

It is not always easy being a teenager, especially if you are also trying to navigate growing up with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD). Discover tools, resources, and a thriving community of young people living their best lives with CoHD.

Bereaved Families and Friends

Whether your loss happened recently or many years ago, HeartKids knows the lifelong impact of a life touched by childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD). Find understanding, support and resources to help you through your journey of grief and remembrance.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Access tailored information, resources and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and families navigating childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD) and Rheumatic Heart Disease.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Find inclusive and translated childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD) information, resources and support for those with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Find Professional Information & Resources

Health Professionals

Access specialised resources, learning and training modules and collaborative opportunities to improve care for patients with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD).

Other Professionals

Find relevant information and resources for schools, employers and other professionals on the best ways help and foster inclusivity for those living with childhood-onset heart disease (CoHD).

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