Awareness Campaign Things Can Change in a Heartbeat


Things Can Change in a Heartbeat was the theme of this year’s national awareness campaign coinciding with our annual fundraising and awareness event Sweetheart Day.

The advertising campaign was centred around that moment when the lives of those in our community were changed forever – when they were told that their child had a congenital heart defect. The campaign was brought to life through the work of a number of our community partners.  

Spearheaded by the team at UnLtd, who focus on connecting the media, marketing, and creative industry with charities working with at-risk children and young people. As one of its charity partners, UnLtd has brought valuable insights to the campaign and added immense value to our community.

The creative genius of the team at DDB Sydney and their partners brought the idea to life  Throughout this campaign, the teams’ approaches were to think “out of the box,” which was a testimony of their vision.

Lastly, the team at Initiative, who worked with us from the early stages have been instrumental in bringing the campaign through their media partnerships to the 80% of Australian’s who do not understand the impact that a congenital heart defect diagnosis has on a family.  

The campaign has been a great collaborative project that our partners have generously donated their time and expertise. All of this could not have been possible without their cooperation and all-out support of our HeartKids community.


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