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Community Fundraising

Join the HeartKids community and fundraise to help us support the families impacted by congenital or childhood acquired heart disease.

raised of
$200,000 goal
Thanks to
1741 supporters

We are very grateful for your fundraising efforts.  Your support will go a long way in helping us deliver vital services and programs across Australia raising money to support those families affected by congenital or acquired heart disease.

Fundraising Tips

Whether you’re a first timer or you’ve done it before, it always helps to have a plan. Check out our step-by-step guide and contact us if you need any advice.

  1. Think of a fundraising idea
    Choose an idea that suits you. Whether it is hosting a morning tea, trivia night, getting your child's school involved or or fundraising in lieu of gifts. Anything is possible.
  2. Consider fundraising as a group or family
    A team of friends will provide support and help you stay motivated. You can start a team when you register or at a later date.
  3. Register to create your personal fundraising page
    Once you’ve got your idea, go for it! Create your fundraiser by clicking the button at the top of this page.
  4. Set ambitious yet attainable goals
    You’ll be amazed at the impact you can make once you get started.
Wondering how to put the word out and start getting donations?
  1. Log into your fundraising dashboard to update your personal page
    Share what your event is about and why you’re raising money for HeartKids. A personal story always helps encourage donations.  And upload plenty of photos.
  2. Show you're serious by making the first donation
  3. Promotion starts with your networks
    When it comes to drumming up support, start with your existing networks of friends, workmates and recreational clubs.
  4. Bank your fundraising money as you go
    It’s exciting to see your fundraising tally rise on your personal fundraising page.
A few more tips:
  • The quickest and easiest way is to share your page’s URL by email, text and your social media networks. Facebook and Twitter work particularly well for this.
  • Talk to people about your fundraiser.
  • If you’re planning something big, consider contacting your local paper or radio station.
  • Call, text or email people to ask for support.
  • Add a link to your fundraising page in your personal and work email signature.

At the end don't forget to thank, thank and thank your supporters

Let your supporters know how grateful you are and thank them as personally as you can, no matter how big or small their contribution.

If you need any support from our teams please contact us and someone from your State will be in touch.