HeartKids-Drakes Supermarkets Scholarship Program

Information, resources and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and families navigating Childhood onset Heart Disease (CoHD) and Rheumatic Heart Disease.

Do You Need Support to Help Follow Your Dreams?

The HeartKids-Drakes Supermarkets Scholarships are available to children with congenital or childhood acquired heart disease (CHD), living in South Australia and Queensland, where Drakes Supermarkets are located. These scholarships are to help further develop skills or talents, allowing you to achieve your full potential and to follow your life aspirations.

About the Program

Individual scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants across SA & Qld, ranging from $1,000 to a maximum of $5,000 per application. Only one application per applicant, per year. The total amount available to be awarded is $40,000.

Applications are accepted for children and young adults between the ages of 10 to 24 who have congenital, or childhood acquired heart disease. The scholarships focus areas include the Arts, Sport, Science and Education / Business.

The scholarships are not to cover standard fees or tuition, but additional training, equipment, excursions, camps or other, that will assist the applicant to achieve their full potential and aspirations in their chosen fields.

Please read the terms and conditions below to ensure you qualify for these grants.

Items funded can include:

  • Equipment (e.g. art supplies, sports wheelchairs, sporting equipment, musical instruments, technology)
  • Tuition for specialist courses/training (including intensive programs/summer school programs)
  • Competition, Entry, or Audition Fees (that will provide a new opportunity to achieve your goals)
  • Travel Costs
  • Cost of skilled-based courses (e.g. advanced art classes, skills development sport or science camps, or business/education conferences or specific skills training like programs or forklift driving etc.)

Note: Scholarships do not cover ongoing funding (repairs and maintenance), salaries, research, carer’s expenses, general and cash donations, retrospective funding, or standard school/tutoring fees.

Applications open Monday 28th August 2023
Closing Date: Sunday 1st October 2023 (9pm AEST)
Successful application announced: Monday 16th October 2023

Scholarships are Available in the Following Areas


  • Visual Arts (e.g. drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts, photography)
  • Performing arts (e.g. music/instruments, singing, dancing, musical theatre/acting).

Education/ Business

  • Extracurricular tuition for academic pursuits (e.g., maths, physics, information technology)
  • Specialist education courses/tertiary study
  • Business
  • Traineeships/ Apprenticeships


  • University-based science conferences
  • Specialised education/tutoring or field trips
  • Mentoring activities with scientists or health professionals.


  • Sports (e.g. basketball, athletics, tennis, swimming, golf, football, wheelchair or paralympic sports

Meet Poppy

Poppy was born with a Ventricular Septal Defect, but this 13-year-old is not letting a congenital heart condition get in the way of her passion for Inline Hockey.

She was one the winners of the inaugural HeartKids / Drakes Supermarkets Scholarship. The scholarship assisted her to purchase equipment required to represent the sport at state, national and international levels.

She is considered one of the best players of her age in the country. She trains on the shooting lane daily, in the rink 5 times per week and watches professional level hockey to learn the intellectual side of the game.

So, what has she been up to over the last 12 months?

Poppy (and her brother Elijah) were selected to represent Australia in The State Wars 19 USA Roller Hockey Championship held in Fort Wayne Indiana.

  • She was awarded a leadership role as Assistant Captain where she helped lead the 2009 team as well as playing in the 2008 team, playing up into both divisions.
  • She drew attention of the pro leg professionals with the statement regarding her “great tenacity and never quit attitude”.
  • The team won Bronze in 2009 division in what was a nail-biting game.
  • Poppy was also awarded the Team Honour award.

Poppy has also been busy playing Ice hockey in Melbourne after being drafted into the first ever women professional pro league!

  • She is the youngest female hockey player to play at just 13 years old in a 14 and up women’s team.
  • She plays for the Infernos, wearing number 38.

She also made the National ice hockey Team for SA Ginsburg and the National Inline Hockey team for VIC.

The family is about to relocate to Melbourne to continue to support both of their children’s sporting endeavours.

HeartKids and Drakes Supermarkets are very proud of Poppy and will continue to cheer her on in the future.

And what is Poppy doing next? She is looking forward to the HeartKids Teen camp in September, for some good old fun and connecting with other heart teens.

Application Checklist

Before starting your application check that you have the following information:

  • Covering letter outlining your skills/talent area, your reasons for applying, what you would use the funding to support.
  • Two letters of support from coaches, teachers, or other, outlining your aptitude in this area and how the course, camp, equipment, etc would assist you in reaching your goals.
  • Quotes or documented evidence of funding that is required.
  • A copy of recent utilities or other documentation confirming your current name and address.
If you live in South Australia or Queensland, and your heart kid dreams of achieving great things in their chosen field, then consider lodging an application for the HeartKids-Drakes Supermarkets Scholarships.

If you have any questions, please email HeartKids SA/NT State Manager, Tania Potts, at tania.potts@heartkids.org.au or call the SA Office on 08 8269 3122.

HeartKids-Drakes Supermarkets Scholarship Program (10-17)

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