HeartKids & Business With A Heart Bringing Comfort To Children With Heart Disease


HeartKids is extremely grateful for the continued support received from Business With A Heart these past few years. As the only Australian charity dedicated to supporting families living with congenital heart disease, the story of their founder, Tania Mastroianni, herself an adult living with CHD, has consistently inspired us. That’s why we are delighted to be a chosen charity for Business With A Heart’s Bear Program, allowing us to extend the gift of a gorgeous teddy bear to heart kids during their hospital stay.

How The Bear Program Works

Business With A Heart’s Bear Program allows individuals and companies to send a special bear to a child in a hospital waiting for or recovering from heart surgery.

To sponsor a bear, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick out your favourite bear friend.
  2. Choose an outfit for them and give them a name.
  3. Business With A Heart will stuff the bear with love and send it to HeartKids in addition to a birth certificate and carry bag
  4. HeartKids then delivers the new friend and birth certificate to the child in the hospital.

The gift of a bear provides seriously ill children with a true sense of joy, comfort, and distraction during what can otherwise be a frightening or overwhelming time. It is a buddy that can support their overall well-being and whom they can cuddle, play with, or hold near throughout their hospital stay.

Corporate Bear Sponsorship Packages

If you are a business, this bear program is also the perfect chance to give a sick child a special bear friend to hug in the hospital while offering an uplifting marketing opportunity. Business With A Heart will make the bears on your behalf, and HeartKids will give them directly to children undergoing surgery. There are several corporate sponsorship options that range from sponsoring just one bear to one hundred.

These packages include personalised birth certificates with your company logo, a certificate of thanks from HeartKids and exposure on social media (or an alternative option if your business doesn’t have an online presence). Some businesses that have participated in the program include Arte Coffee, Benchmark Events, Mamma Lena and Dino Gustin Foundation, Gosford Masonic Centre, Royale Limousines, PepsiCo, De Lorenzo Hair Cosmetics, Connie M Buyers Agent and many others whom we are thankful for.

A Big Thank You From HeartKids

The team at HeartKids is thankful to our community for supporting Business With A Heart’s Bear Program and bringing a little joy to heart kids like Shelby (pictured right). Here’s a special message from Shelby’s Mum:

“In August, young Shelby had to undergo surgery at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead to repair a suspected coarctation – the narrowing of the large blood vessel (aorta) leading from his heart. Thankfully the surgery was a success.  

Whilst recovering in hospital, Shelby was gifted a special heart bear called ‘Bradley’. Several weeks later we were discharged and made our 6-hour journey home to be with our family again and continue Shelby’s journey of recovery. 

With his special heart bear by his side very step of the way, we can definitely say “Bradley” has brightened each and every day for Shelby – and for that we are so grateful!”

Every day, eight children in Australia are born with a heart condition. For many families like Shelby’s, this can have a long-lasting effect on their lives. During such times, HeartKids is also there to support children and their families with social and financial support to relieve the pressures they face.

Find out how you can get involved with our heart charity today and make a meaningful impact on the lives of people living with congenital heart disease.


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