HeartKids Secures $1 Million State Government Funding to Enhance Support Services


In a landmark event at Parliament House in Adelaide, HeartKids CEO Marcus Sandmann and the dedicated HeartKids team were honored guests of South Australia’s Health and Wellbeing Minister, Chris Picton. The visit celebrated a significant contribution from the SA government, amounting to $1 million over four years, aimed at enhancing vital support services since 2022.

This substantial funding boost will specifically strengthen efforts in mental health support, early childhood intervention, and services for regional and remote communities, reaffirming HeartKids’ commitment to families affected by Childhood onset heart disease (CoHD).

During the visit, Marcus Sandmann addressed Members of Parliament, underscoring HeartKids’ pivotal role in the community and emphasising the urgent need for state support to expand services across regional and remote areas.

“This milestone marks a significant step forward in our mission to support children, families, and communities impacted by congenital heart disease,” We extend our heartfelt thanks to Minister Chris Picton and the SA government for their vital support and dedication to improving lives across our state and nation.”

Marcus Sandmann

The funding announcement represents a critical advancement in HeartKids’ ongoing efforts to provide essential services and support, ensuring every child and family affected by CoHD receives the necessary care and attention.


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