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Teen Camps

HeartKids Teen Camps bring together young people from all over Australia for a week of fun, learning and activities.

Teen Camp is a unique opportunity for young people aged between 13-17 years to connect with others who may have experienced a similar journey, develop new friendships and create ongoing peer support networks that continue long after Teen Camp finishes. Importantly, Teen Camp provides an opportunity for young people to increase their level of independence, build their own capacity to demonstrate self-management skills, and assists in developing their own self-confidence.

Teen camps are postponed in 2020. Check back in 2021 for more information!

What happens at Teen Camp?

Teen Camp includes activities such as attempting physical challenges (within limits) and fun team building tasks that are completed in a supportive and safe environment. Teen Camp is a place where peers understand each other, including any limitations or health restrictions, which are all carefully considered. 

All Teen Camp attendees are under the supervision of specialised volunteers and medical team members. The medical team that attends includes cardiologists, doctors, nurses, allied health and community health workers all with specialist experience in cardiac care or adolescent health experience.

HeartKids Teen Camp is made possible through the generosity of our supporters and the camp nurses, doctors, volunteers and other staff who donate their time and expertise.

Interested in supporting our teen camps?

HeartKids Teen Camp relies on the much needed funds raised from the community and the generous donations from the corporate sector. 

If you would like to become involved in fundraising, or if you have a corporate connection that would like to support the camps, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email: teencamp@heartkids.org.au