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UpBeat Teen Transition App

UpBeat is a smartphone app designed for young heart kids (15 to 19 years) who are starting to manage their lives and health care more independently.

UpBeat users can store their key health information in the app so that they have it all in one place. Young people can also learn more about transition on UpBeat.

What can I do on UpBeat?

The key features of UpBeat are:

  • A medical summary - Organise your key health information, including medication details, care team contacts and appointment notes
  • Document storage - Store all your important files in one place. Take photos of letters, referrals, test results or forms and store it in UpBeat for safe-keeping
  • Information and support - Learn about your condition, what happens during transition and how to find support services and link up with peer networks
When is UpBeat going to be available?

UpBeat will officially launch in January 2022

There is an app pilot (testing period) happening between August - November 2021. 

Join the UpBeat pilot

Young heart kids (15 to 19 years) are invited to apply to help us test and improve the UpBeat app. 

The pilot runs from August - November 2021.

Apply now

What is involved in the UpBeat app pilot?

Young people will download UpBeat and use it for four months (August – November 2021).

Users will complete a short survey at the start of the testing period in August. They will then complete a second survey at the end of the testing in November to share their feedback. Some young people may be invited to provide their feedback in a one-on-one session as well.

Participating in this app pilot will help us to improve UpBeat ahead of its official release. You may learn some new information and handy tips about transition too!

By using the app and completing the final survey in November, you will also go into the draw to win a $200 VISA gift card. The winner will be drawn in November.

Spaces are limited. After completing the pilot application form, HeartKids will confirm your space with you if you are eligible.

Why has UpBeat been created?

HeartKids is delivering some key activities identified in the National Strategic Action Plan for Childhood Heart Disease (Action Plan).

One of the focus areas of the Action Plan is supporting young people with CHD. The aim is to help young people stay engaged with their health care as they transition from paediatric to adult care.

This app is one of the projects helping us to do this.

How has UpBeat been created?

HeartKids has partnered with an app development agency and a Young Persons' Digital Advisory Group created for this project to help guide the app through an exciting co-design process. 

Advisory group members consist of young people with CHD from around the country, as well a multidisciplinary group of clinicians from five major hospitals.