How Meeting Other Parents Helped On Our Congenital Heart Disease Journey… Natasha’s Story

Ten years ago, Tash had never heard of congenital heart disease or HeartKids.

That all changed in 2012. A routine visit to the GP with her three-year-old son turned into an urgent referral to a cardiologist. A few weeks later, Tash was finding out her son had congenital heart disease. This shock diagnosis meant major heart surgery.

Tash felt isolated and alone, until she met a Family Support Coordinator from HeartKids. Many of the support team members at HeartKids are other heart parents. HeartKids support staff are not medical professionals, they are peers who provide invaluable emotional and experiential support to families on the CHD journey.

After her son’s surgery, Tash made it her mission to spread awareness about CHD. She now works at HeartKids in a support role, using her experience as a heart mum to support others on the CHD journey.

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